Hi, I am Nidhi. I am currently a design director at Figure Eight. Born in India, I have lived in Los Angeles and Brooklyn and for now call San Francisco home. I taught visual design and creative coding classes in MFADT at Parsons and I am always cooking up a side project.


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UX Director at IBM iX

I managed UX Designers at the NYC iX studio while partnering with Fortune 500 clients with the goal of designing and building unique products that leverage IBM technologies such as Watson and Blockchain. We applied Design Thinking and Agile methodologies and worked as cross functional teams. The most inspiring thing about working at IBM was the culture of technology and the enthusiasm with which every discipline approached a new engagement, always thinking far into the future.  

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UX Lead for CITI at Publicis

While at Publicis, I led UX for all Citi projects including a global platform redesign for thankyou.com

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Experience Strategy and UX Lead for a redesign of MASS MoCA.

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Product Strategy and full stack UX/UI/Front-end for a new way to communicate and make the world a kinder place. Created in collaboration with Amanda HesserChrysanthe Tenentes and Cory Forsyth. Stay tuned for more!

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Senior Interactive Designer for CNN Money, responsible for full stack UX/UI and front end (HTML, CSS, D3) for interactive visualizations, working in collaborations with Editors.


Creative Coding

I code to turn ideas into prototypes, a lot of which I did during my MFA. Projects include an Algae synthesizer, a time traveling remote and several interactive installations for SXSW '12. 

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Mixed Bag

Summer Somewhere

I created a unique place to buy minimalist and modern textiles and clothing designed by me and other designers who value craft traditions and uniform simplicity. 



I painted an Iceberg everyday for 100 days. Medium: Watercolors


Brooklyn Diary Summer 2010

Brooklyn Diary, a beautiful book curated by Lena Corwin, features artists' studios, local favorites, art and photography from Brooklyn. I took photos of the Saipua studio for the book, using an old Minolta film camera that I've been shooting adventures with since 2008.



UX Director

ACD, Experience Design

Sr. Experience Designer

Sr. Interactive Designer

UI/UX Designer
Parsons The New School for Design

Interaction Designer
Unworn Studio

Graphic Designer


Adjunct Professor
Parsons The New School for Design

Code Teaching Fellow
Parsons The New School for Design

Teaching Fellow


MFA Design and Technology
Parsons The New School for Design

BFA Art and Graphic Design
California State University, Long Beach


SXSW'11 Interactive Artist at FEED; Featured in Forbes

Dean's Honor List 2010-2012 ; Parsons The New School for Design

Stationery sold at Target ; Designed for Back to School '09

Illustrations ; Vogue Magazine '08 '09 multiple issues

Abbies Award 2005 ; Dermalogica on Montana Branding

Dean’s Honor List 2001-2004, President’s Honor List 2002 ; California State Univ., Long Beach

How about an Iceland Adventure?

In Summer '14 we hiked the Fimmvörðuháls trail in Iceland. We were slightly apprehensive of finishing the trek in one day but managed to trek the 16 miles in 8.5 hrs despite the mostly very uncooperative weather. So worth it too. It definitely felt like one of the most dramatic one day hikes I've ever done.

The mars looking part of the trail goes through lava fields from the 2010 eruption at Eyyafyallayökül. The storm at this point made the scenery so desolate, walking very tough and the trail markers so hard to find. There were lava fields and snow on the part of the trail aptly called 'The Ashtray'. And after hours and hours of walking through the most 'no man's land' looking scenery, the view opened onto what we dubbed 'happy valley', so called for the vibrant arctic flowers, clear skies and hope that we will make it back in time for the last bus.

Photos below are a mix of film, digital and iPhone because my film camera decided to stop working shortly before we approached the most dramatic scenery.