Her magic rules my days, even more so when we are apart than when we are together. I will never forget the parting words of the older Jamaican nurse who discharged us at the hospital. I loved her stern, straightforward yet caring demeanor so much, I wished she could come home with us. She mentioned how now slowly Mia will become her own person, with her own hormones, she will slowly shed all that is mine and that kept us connected for 9 months. I think of this often as I think of how once a cord connected us but slowly Mia will find her own way in the world and there will come a day when she will think that she does not want the physical connections we make now. And that will be ok. For now, I cherish the endless snuggles, the 1000 kisses per day and the breastfeeding she has not yet weaned off of.

Nidhi Malhotra