Mass Moca

Role: Lead UX
UI Lead: Leonor Torres

While at Publicis, I had the opportunity to work on a redesign of, a museum in the Berkshires, located in a factory building complex. I defined the Experience Strategy and the user experience by looking at their current experience, working with an Analytics lead and determining some core user journeys. Most of the audience for the museum tends to be from Boston and NYC so it made sense to offer a way to explore the museum and the Berkshires through various itineraries that are a good mix of events, art, nightlife and outdoors. 



Role: Full stack UX/UI/Front-end

One note at a time, mashnote is reinventing how we communicate with each other and making the world a kinder place. I helped create Mashnote with Amanda Hesser, Chrysanthe Tenentes and Cory Forsyth. I did the UX, UI and all front-end dev.

Stay tuned for more!



Role: Full stack UX/UI/Front-end
Links: US spending, Obama Jobs Timeline, Best Performing Stock Market

As a Senior Interactive Designer, I worked with editors and journalists to tap into current data and present it to the CNNMoney viewer in meaningful ways. I did the UI and front-end dev of all interactive visualizations in HTML, CSS, JS.