SXSW '12

Collaborators: Hirumi Nanayakkara, Maya Weinstein and Tami Evnin

For SXSW '12, we made two great interactive installations for #FEED, powered by Twitter. In passive mode, viewers watch a flocking visualization of the number of Tweets based on the current top trending topics. The birds' speed is mapped to the sound of the room and the background tint corresponds to the time of the day. In active mode, users mash-up live tweets, video, and audio with a midi console.

FEEDmixer was featured on Forbes.



DJ LG and the Photosynthesizers

Collaborator: Hirumi Nanayakkara

We set out to explore ways to create a musical interface that feels organic to the player. Algae needs specific light conditions in order to sustain. DJ LG synthesizes the right sounds with flowy gestures that subsequently translate to light. Singing algae is happy algae.

The project involves photocells that each respond with a different sound. The sounds resemble 80s music and makes for a ritualistic synthesizer experience.



Collaborators: Hirumi Nanayakkara and Oylum Boran

MEMOTE is a whimsical exploration of a remote as a tool to access memory archives. It allows time travelers to cycle through various decades of TV show memories or their personal memories.



Generating aesthetics based work from meaningful code has been a theme for a lot of my work. I am especially interested in generating patterns through code and created work that does that through various inputs. I used data from the Times Newswire API as the input to generate the pattern of news and sound as an input for a symmetrical, repeat pattern.