Coca-Cola App

Role: UX Director

Experience Framework

I led the UX and strategy of Coca-Cola's new mobile loyalty app. This was accomplished by first understanding Coca-Cola's existing strategy across multiple brands, digging through all of the rich data and working closely with a researcher for additional primary and secondary insights around the audience, mobile contexts and ownable Coca-Cola moments. I started out with a set of experience principles and a matrix to ground us in the current app landscape. 


Test and Learn

Resulting from the Design Thinking workshop held with the Coca-Cola team, we came up with a set of MVP and post MVP goals that would define the product. We built iOS and Android apps to launch within TestFlight and Hockey respectively to start gathering analytics and interview the test release users. Based on this data, we continuously optimized and iterated on the core product. I mentored a UX team and we built very native apps utilizing HIG and Material Design guidelines while still maintaining a strong brand presence. 


Experience Strategy

While building the app with Coca-Cola, we also did secondary research in order to define data-based personas and a roadmap for future iterations of the app. From it's current view of supporting the existing loyalty paradigm, the app would then evolve to support a millennial audience looking for unique event experiences.